The business profile includes all the details related to the business. It includes General details, Address details, GST info, Accounting info. 

To update a business detail in myBooks Go to Settings, choose Business settings and click  Business profile 


General details


Short name: Short form of your name or business name. It’s displayed in the dashboard.

Legal name: The legal name is the business name of the person or the entity who owns the business

Business type: You can choose the industry in which your business falls from the drop-down list

Currency: The currency that you select during sign-up will be displayed here. As mentioned in the quick setup, it cannot be changed if transactions are recorded, but you can add more currencies.

Time Zone: You can edit your Time Zone 

Address details: It provides detailed postal addresses like a street address, city, country, and state.

Additional address:

Here you can add an additional address. It is reflected in the bill screen as a shipping address



Additional fields

You can add additional fields to mention extra details. It’s reflected in templates also you can customize the templates whether it’s shown in templates or not.

The Added fields are updated in the business profile screen and in the print templates


GST info

Here you can enter GST details like PAN card number, GST number, and GST treatment. It’s reflected in templates. You can customize the tax name for country-specific

Follow these steps to change the tax name – Settings -> Business settings -> Preferences -> Tax configuration


Accounting info


Ownership type: You can update the ownership type of your business, whether it is a Sole Proprietorship, partnership, or corporation.

Accounting Type: Selecting a correct accounting type is also key in defining your post-tax financial statements. In case you are unsure of which kind of accounting type (Accrual or Cash) to follow, we recommend getting advice from an accountant

Fiscal Year: Choose the fiscal year best suited for your business from the list. The fiscal year you select should mirror your accounting year.

Date format: Select your appropriate date format suitable for your business.

Company ID: Company ID is the legal requirement for all companies and it is country-specific.

Bank details: You can update the bank account details




You can update the UPI details like name, UPI ID, UPI handle also shown in print templates, if you enable or disable the option in the templates