Profit and loss by the item is a financial report that shows company’s revenues and expenses for a mentioned specific period of time for a specific item.

This report can be created in three different sections they are Current, Previous, and Custom. The current report can be created by using Today, Current Month, Current Year, Current Quarter, and Previous, report can be created by using Yesterday, Previous month, Previous Year, Previous Quarter. Using Custom to create the report for specific dates, a month or even a year.

How to get there!

To generate Profit & Loss by Item report click on Reports > Finance reports > Profit & loss by item

Profit & loss by Item Report

Generate Profit & Loss,

To generate the report click on date range and choose from the dropdown menu. Select the accounting type and the report can also be filtered by tags. Click on tags and select the tags from the dropdown. If the tags are selected in the transaction. Then the report will generate based on the selected tags.

If you want to compare the profit and loss by item with another item or with another year. Click on compare with and another date range field will appear and select the date range from the dropdown. Both the date range have to be different.

Click on generate to generate the report. The report can also be downloaded as excel and PDF or it can be viewed as PDF as well. See screenshot attached Profit & Loss by item report with data.