This report shows revenue & expense transaction details by account. Any transaction which was created in myBooks will be displayed here. This report is useful for verifying the transaction created.

This report can be created in three different sections they are Current, Previous, and Custom. The current report can be created by using Today, Current Month, Current Year, Current Quarter, and Previous, report can be created by using Yesterday, Previous month, Previous Year, Previous Quarter. Using Custom to create the report for specific dates, a month, or even a year.

Create the Report,

  • Go to Reports
  • Click on the Account transactions mentioned in the finance report
  • Click on date range choose from the dropdown menu
  • Select cash or accrual in the accounting field
  • The report can also be filtered by tags
  • Click on tags and select the tags from the dropdown
  • If the report needed to be run by account.
  • Click on account and choose the account from the dropdown
  • Click on generate Report to generate the report
  • Click on open to open as PDF.
  • You can download by pressing on the download icon
  • You can edit the headers to your need
  • See screenshot attached Account transactions report with data