Note : This integration is only available for users in India

myBooks has integrated API with ICICI Bank – one of the largest banks in India to let you fetch bank statements automatically using ICICI’s connected banking.

Once connected, you will be able to fetch your bank balance and transaction statement automatically into myBooks. This will integration will make the integration process faster and quicker.

Here are the steps in Integrating ICICI Connected Banking with myBooks

Click on Connect Bank in your Banking Overview Screen.

The following window will open up. Enter your corporate or Business Bank ID, User ID, Account Number, and Alias ID(This will be your login alias) and click Save.

Next, you can proceed over to your ICICI CIB portal for approving your aggregator request.

Login into CIB in ICICI Bank and click connected banking and connected banking approval.

Select Zetran/myBooks from the aggregator list and click approve. You will be prompted for OTP

After approval, a new account will be available in myBooks Banking Screen

When ICICI bank is integrated into mybooks, the user can refresh the bank transaction updates by using the refresh button which is available on the banking screen. You can click on the account to review the transactions and match them with myBooks account.